Richard Lublin Attorney at Law

Attorney, actor, philanthropist: Richard is a man of many talents. Welcome to his official website.



If you’re a fan of Chicago Hope, Ally McBeal, Law and Order, Frazier, or Rescue Me, you’ve no doubt seen Richard Lublin the actor. Richard’s largest movie role was in the highly acclaimed Sidney Lumet film Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead.


For over 30 years, Richard was one of Connecticut’s most renowned litigators. He was involved in some of the state’s most noteworthy cases and founded a highly successful Hartford law firm.


Richard Lublin is a dedicated philanthropist. He gives generously to institutions of higher learning, the medical and cancer research fields, and student scholarship funds.


Furthering higher education is one of Richard’s passions. Through his generous support, he has established and sponsors scholarships and teaching prizes.